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6 Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Branding


As minimalism continues to captivate, let's explore how rustic packaging can elevate your Christmas branding efforts.


Are you drawn to the allure of wood or the comfort of natural aesthetics?


At its core, rustic style celebrates raw, unrefined beauty. Common elements include tree motifs, abundant wooden influences, and naturally warm, muted tones. This style isn't just for interiors; it can be brilliantly incorporated into packaging designs.Incorporating rustic elements typically involves wood-print textures, fabric accents on jar lids, and a generous use of brown hues in designs, much like in the image illustrated here.


6 Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Branding 

These six rustic packaging concepts are versatile, but with Christmas fast approaching, it's an ideal time to experiment with rustic boxes for your business.


1.Use Warm, Earthy Tones


The essence of rustic style lies in its simplicity, often featuring a palette of earthy browns. Rustic designs typically include distinct fonts in black and the use of kraft paper, as shown below.


6 Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Branding


Wooden-inspired elements beautifully complement subtle Christmas themes. While traditional Christmas designs favor red, green, and white, the natural brown hue provides a harmonious contrast, offering a more authentic, cozy feel. To capture the rustic aesthetic, opt for warmer shades like deep browns, forest greens, beige, and creamy whites.


2.Opt for Natural Cardboard with Black Print


Choose natural, brown cardboard for an effortlessly organic look. It's understated yet leaves ample room for creativity.


Our Eco Mailer Boxes, which come with a black print option, exemplify this approach. Take Biotika, a brand we've featured in our Inspirations series, as a prime example of rustic-inspired packaging.Don't underestimate black print for your Christmas packaging.


6 Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Branding 

Craft your Eco Mailer Boxes with a dark imprint for your holiday sales. The kraft material naturally fits the rustic theme. You decide if a unique design is needed to highlight the Christmas spirit in your packaging.


As the holiday season approaches and your store gets decked in lights, and online brands launch their campaigns, remember that festive packaging is key. Every year, aim for something fresh and innovative. Let rustic be your go-to theme for design inspiration!


3.Attach a Branch into Your Packaging


Adding a small branch to your box is a classic festive touch. If your boxes aren't traveling far to clients, or if you have a physical store, consider attaching a tiny branch to the top of each box. This simple addition gives your packaging a personal, distinctive flair while staying true to the rustic theme.


6 Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Branding 

4.Use Festive Stickers


Stickers are increasingly popular in packaging design, serving both informational and branding purposes.


In packaging design, stickers can play a central role. For example, a bright orange sticker can be a standout feature, as illustrated below. A sticker with playful text can be particularly effective.


6 Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Branding 

Christmas is an excellent opportunity to experiment with stickers in your packaging.


Consider adapting your logo with a festive twist and applying it to your packaging. This approach allows any eCommerce brand to easily add a rustic Christmas vibe to its packages.


For more ideas on how to enhance your packaging with stickers, labels, and other holiday details, check out our article on Christmas packaging.


5.Top with a Pine Cone


Adding a pine cone brings a natural element to your packaging design. Plus, what says Christmas more than a snow-dusted pine cone?


6 Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Branding 

This idea is particularly suited for retail stores, where customers receive products in branded boxes. Placing a pine cone atop each box transforms it into a special, gift-worthy package.


6.Use Brown Paper Bags


Brown paper bags are an excellent addition to your packaging ensemble. They're particularly beneficial for restaurants or retail stores, as they offer valuable brand visibility when customers carry them on the streets.


6 Ways To Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Branding 

Consider paper bags as an integral part of your packaging strategy. Their natural brown color is ideal for a minimalist design. You can add your logo or simple text. Since printing is possible on both sides, make the most of this space!

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