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Advanced Moisture-Control Packaging Technology


ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging, has introduced its ProActive Intelligence Moisture Protect (MP-1000), a groundbreaking moisture-adsorbing technology that makes desiccant packets unnecessary. The MP-1000 platforms utilize the 3-Phase Activ-Polymer technology from Aptar’s CSP Technologies, effectively reducing moisture levels within the packaging's headspace. This technology is particularly suitable for products requiring stringent moisture control, such as point-of-care diagnostic kits, live culture probiotics, and hygroscopic powdery food products.


Hesam Tabatabaei, ProAmpac's Senior Vice President of Global Product Development and Innovation, expressed excitement about the launch of the Moisture Protect MP-1000 platforms. This new product, with its high moisture-adsorbing capacity, promises to transform the flexible packaging industry. ProAmpac's collaboration with Aptar CSP Technologies and their combined material science expertise have culminated in this advanced active packaging product.


Badre Hammond, Vice President of Global Commercial Operations and GM APAC for Aptar CSP Technologies, also shared enthusiasm for unveiling this new platform. This collaboration aims to revolutionize active packaging by offering the market a fully integrated, flexible, multi-layer film solution. This innovation leverages CSP’s well-established Activ-Polymer technology, aiming to meet unaddressed market needs in active packaging solutions.


ProAmpac's Moisture Protect MP-1000 platforms boast a host of advantages, revolutionizing the way products are packaged and preserved. Key benefits include the elimination of sachets, reducing operational downtime, and enhancing product quality by preventing clumping. This innovative technology also minimizes product waste, significantly extending the shelf life of various products.


Specifically for probiotics and hygroscopic food items, the MP-1000 not only absorbs excess moisture within the package but also protects the contents from external moisture exposure. This is crucial as moisture typically permeates through packaging materials, potentially compromising product quality.


Sam Kessler, Senior Innovation Engineer for Active/Intelligent Packaging at ProAmpac, highlights the versatility of MP-1000. The technology offers tailored microclimate protection with different moisture capacities to suit various product requirements. With its superior seal characteristics and compatibility with high-speed form-fill-sealing equipment, MP-1000 ensures product integrity while seamlessly integrating into existing flexible packaging processes. This cutting-edge solution represents a significant leap forward in active and intelligent packaging.

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