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Chobani's Recipe for Captivating Packaging: Blending Art and Innovation


Chobani, the Greek yogurt giant, spills the beans on how it crafts irresistible packaging, featuring hits like Chobani Creations and its spooky 'Halloween takeover.'


At Chobani, renowned for their all-natural Greek yogurt, packaging isn't an afterthought—it's a journey that kicks off alongside new product development. Creative Director Lauren Hodges spilled the yogurt (pun intended) on their process, emphasizing the seamless collaboration between design, sales, and marketing. The goal? Transforming a simple message—providing better food for more people—into a visual feast through type, illustration, color, and composition. Hodges insists that their packaging and product platforms are dynamic entities, requiring standout design and functionality to meet consumer needs.


The inception of new packaging graphics starts with a brief from Chobani's New Product Development Team, setting the stage for the creative team to weave their magic. Hodges highlights the meticulous timeline, averaging a year for testing, design, development, and release. The recent star, Chobani Creations, had an extended timeline, introducing clear plastic for the first time.


Inspired by classic desserts, Chobani Creations caters to the trend of permissible indulgence. Chief Innovation Officer Neil Sandfort notes the consumer shift towards guilt-free enjoyment, prompting the launch of this nostalgic line with flavors like sweet orange cream pop and warm apple pie. The in-house data team and R&D played a pivotal role, steering the design towards graphics that echo the promise of permissible indulgence.


Chobani's in-house creative team led the design charge, supplemented by external talents like Commercial Type for typeface and illustrations by Meryl Rowen. The packaging for Chobani Creations ties back to the classic Greek yogurt style but with a twist, accentuating the nostalgic flavors. Hodges describes the enchanting effect created by colored lids and a swash serif logotype, reminiscent of a magical bake shop. The clear cup offers a peek into a visually pleasing landscape of whole milk and fruit, adding to the allure.


Chobani Creations marks the brand's first new line since Chobani Zero Sugar in 2021. Still, the innovation doesn't stop there. Their creative team recently brewed up interactive Halloween packaging for Chobani Flip multipacks, hinting at more seasonal packaging takeovers to come.


Chobani's openness to external collaboration is evident in their strategic partnerships. Hodges notes the recent collaboration with Tool of North America, bringing in augmented reality expertise for the Halloween Flip campaign. It's this fusion of in-house excellence and external flair that keeps Chobani's packaging ahead of the curve, proving that, much like their yogurt, their designs are a delightful blend of art and innovation.

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