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Eco-Friendly Specialty Papers


Sappi, a leading packaging paper manufacturer known for its barrier papers against various elements and heat-sealing features, has broadened its range with two new products: Seal Light Gloss and Guard MH. These additions provide more tailored packaging solutions to meet specific needs. Crafted from renewable resources, Sappi's latest offerings are recyclable and aim to reduce plastic usage, presenting a greener alternative to traditional fossil-based packaging.


Seal Light Gloss: A New Heat-Sealable, Barrier-Free Paper Option


Seal Light Gloss is a unique, one-side coated paper notable for its excellent heat sealability, achieved through a special coating on its reverse side. Available in two weights, 54g/m² and 74g/m², this paper lacks barrier properties but stands out for its ease of recycling within the paper waste stream. It's designed primarily to cut down on plastic usage in secondary packaging, like that used for confectionery, or in primary packaging for products that don't need barrier protection.


Targeted at both the food and non-food sectors for flexible packaging, Seal Light Gloss is distinguished by its natural appearance and tactile quality. Its glossy finish not only enhances the product's visual appeal but also supports superior printing results, ensuring products make a significant impact on retail shelves.


Guard MH: Versatile Barrier Paper for Food and Non-Food Uses


Sappi's introduction of the Guard MH barrier paper marks a significant advancement in sustainable packaging options for a broad spectrum of food and non-food applications, designed for easy disposal and recycling in the paper stream. This innovative paper comes in three finishes: Natural, Silk, and Gloss. The Natural Guard MH, uncoated, along with the one-side coated Silk and Gloss variants, are engineered with built-in barriers to protect against water vapor, mineral oil, and grease. The Natural version is offered in weights of 60 g/m², 70 g/m², and 90 g/m², while Silk and Gloss are available in 75 g/m², 85 g/m², and 100 g/m².


René Köhler, Director Paper & Packaging Solutions at Sappi Europe, emphasizes the company's commitment to sustainability: "Sustainability is a top priority for us. With our latest functional papers, we aim to provide our clients with recyclable, paper-based alternatives to non-recyclable packaging, supporting their journey towards more sustainable practices."

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