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FDA Approves CJ Biomaterials' scPHA for Food Contact Use


CJ Biomaterials, a branch of CJ CheilJedang from South Korea and a leading producer of PHA biopolymers, has recently announced a major achievement. Their semi-crystalline PHA (scPHA) biopolymer, known as PHACT S1000P, has been officially recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It's now part of the FDA's list of approved Food Contact Substances (FCS), receiving the Food Contact Notification (FCN) 2330.


This marks the second time a CJ Biomaterials PHA technology has been added to the FDA’s FCS. The first was their amorphous PHA (aPHA), PHACT A1000P, in May 2023. With both scPHA and aPHA approved, these materials can now be used in the U.S. for creating various food-contact packaging solutions, including both rigid and flexible types, food serviceware, and other related products.


PHACT S1000P, CJ Biomaterials’ latest addition, is not only recognized for its bio-based composition but also for its environmental friendliness. It's TUV OK-certified, suitable for both industrial and home composting, and certified as biodegradable in soil and marine environments. The introduction of scPHA into the market is a pivotal step in developing diverse PHA applications. This is particularly important in tackling global plastic waste, as scPHA offers a sustainable alternative that can help reduce the millions of tons of plastic waste generated annually through biodegradation and composting.


Before gaining a spot on the FDA's Food Contact Substances (FCS) list, CJ Biomaterials' scPHA underwent thorough safety evaluations by the FDA. Under Section 409 of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the FDA confirmed its safety for the intended purpose.


Max Senechal, CJ Biomaterials' Chief Commercial Officer, expressed pride in this achievement. "Our PHACT S1000P being added to the FDA's list is a testament to our dedication to safety and innovation," he said. Senechal emphasized the company's ongoing efforts to enhance their PHA technology and its applications. He highlighted the importance of this development in combating global plastic pollution. With scPHA now in the FCS inventory, CJ Biomaterials is poised to significantly increase its environmental impact.

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