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Kellanova, PepsiCo, and LUSH Unveil New Recycling Breakthroughs


Companies are pushing the boundaries to stand out by exploring new sustainable methods to boost the recycled material in their packaging. This effort is probably motivated by their commitment to sustainability and the impact of the plastic tax. Moreover, there's been significant progress in shrinking packaging sizes and the amount of plastic used, enabling firms to promote the amount of plastic they've 'conserved.'


Kellanova Snack Items Transition to Eco-Friendly Packaging by Cutting Down on Plastic


Based in Chicago, the snack company Kellanova (previously known as Kellogg’s) has made a significant sustainability pledge by reducing plastic in the packaging of its popular snacks like Cheez-It Snap’d, Cheez-It Puff’d, and Club Crisps. While keeping the snack quantity the same, Kellanova has managed to cut down on 56,245 kilograms of plastic and 248,568 kilograms of corrugated board from its packaging compared to last year. The company points out that this reduction in plastic use represents just 12% of its total packaging footprint, showcasing one of the industry's smallest plastic footprints. This step is part of Kellanova’s Better Days Promise, which targets making all packaging 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2030, along with a 5% cut in new plastic use, in line with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative. Kellanova is committed to working with partners and innovators to discover packaging solutions that are both environmentally friendly and effective at protecting their products.


Walkers by PepsiCo Launches New Packaging with Half Recycled Plastic Content


PepsiCo's flagship UK potato chip brand, Walkers, has introduced an innovative update to its Sunbites product line, rolling out new packaging made with 50% recycled plastic through a mass balance method, aiming to cut down on 200 metric tons of non-renewable plastic by 2025. This move is part of Walkers' wider environmental objectives under PepsiCo Positive, which includes a goal to phase out virgin fossil-based plastics in their snack packaging by 2030. Alongside these packaging innovations, Sunbites has undergone a recipe makeover to exclude high levels of fat, salt, and sugar (non-HFSS), incorporating 100% whole grains, less sugar in the chips, and reduced salt in the seasoning. Walkers is determined to ensure that by 2025, non-HFSS or snacks under 100 calories represent half of its sales, with progress already at 30%. The company emphasizes the crucial role that advancements in food-contact recycling technologies and better recycling infrastructure play in promoting a circular economy for packaging in the UK’s food industry.


LUSH's Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap from Recycled Materials


British beauty retailer LUSH has innovatively transformed over six million plastic bottles into reusable Knot Wraps, introducing an eco-friendly substitute for traditional gift-wrapping. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese Furoshiki tradition, these wraps are crafted from 100% organic cotton, recycled polyester made from used plastic bottles, or unique vintage materials. Knot Wraps offer a sustainable, stylish, and convenient wrapping solution, eliminating the need for tape or scissors and making the gift-giving process both simple and environmentally responsible. Available in various designs and colors, these wraps not only add a special touch to presents but also support LUSH's commitment to minimizing waste. Beyond gift wrapping, Knot Wraps serve multiple purposes, such as chic hair accessories or handy tote bags for everyday use. Embracing the spirit of Furoshiki, LUSH's Knot Wraps are a testament to thoughtful and sustainable gift-giving.

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