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Nestlé's Mug-Ready Noodles, Sunkist's Lunar New Year Citrus, MackMyra's Smart Whisky Packaging


Many businesses are innovating the way their products are presented and used to improve customer interactions. This might involve redesigning packaging to simplify product use or incorporating advanced technology. Innovations such as NFC tags or QR codes are becoming more common. These features cater to consumers' desires for additional product details while also offering a chance to strengthen brand identity and reputation without cluttering the packaging with too much information.


Nestlé Australia Reduces Plastic with New Maggi Mug Noodles


Nestlé's Australian division is taking significant steps towards sustainability with its new Maggi Mug Noodles. These noodles are designed to be prepared in a regular mug, dramatically reducing plastic packaging by 83%. Available in chicken and beef flavors, this initiative is part of Maggi’s broader effort to minimize environmental impact. The packaging also includes 50% recycled plastic, using a mass balance method. While the brand recognizes that many consumers enjoy the convenience of portable Maggi noodle cups, it also notes that most people tend to consume these noodles at home, where a simple mug could be used instead.


Sunkist Growers Introduces Dragon-Themed Citrus Packaging for Lunar New Year


To mark the Lunar New Year, Sunkist Growers has unveiled a special edition carton themed around the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture. These 10-pound (4.53 kg) cartons, available with either navel or cara cara oranges, feature traditional Chinese motifs in vibrant red and gold. This initiative not only celebrates the holiday but also aims to keep Sunkist citrus fruits central to the celebrations. Based in the United States, Sunkist has also rolled out a merchandising strategy that includes interactive display bins and QR codes, providing customers with recipes and enhancing engagement during the festive period. This move reflects a growing consumer preference for paper-based packaging and specialty citrus varieties, offering retailers an opportunity to attract customers with a mix of tradition and innovation.


MackMyra Enhances Whisky Experience with Innovative and Sustainable Practices


MackMyra Whisky, the pioneering Swedish distillery, is transforming whisky enjoyment through a collaboration with whatt.io, introducing the innovative Private Cask Whisky series. Each bottle comes with a Digital Product Passport (DPP) and is housed in a unique 3D-printed case made from Addnite P15R and P10R5T, which includes recycled tyre rubber from Swedish vehicles. Produced in Malmö by Lostboyslab, these cases reflect MackMyra’s dedication to environmental sustainability. The DPP can be accessed through an NFC-equipped badge on each bottle, providing a digital record of the whisky’s origins and details. NFC tags also enhance customer interaction by facilitating re-orders and providing support, thereby increasing engagement and loyalty. Whatt.io leverages technologies such as cloud computing, blockchain, AI, and additive manufacturing to foster a sustainable, waste-minimizing ecosystem. This partnership showcases MackMyra and whatt.io’s commitment to innovating the whisky industry while prioritizing environmental consciousness.

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