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New Pharma Bottle Crafted Entirely from 100% Recycled Plastic


Bormioli Pharma and Loop Industries, Inc., a tech company focused on sustainable plastics, have introduced a new pharma bottle made entirely from 100% recycled Loop PET resin. This innovation aligns with the pharmaceutical industry's growing commitment to sustainability and offers a green alternative in packaging.


Loop Industries' technology transforms the lowest-grade PET and polyester fiber waste into high-quality, 100% recycled PET resin. This breakthrough is significant as it meets the rigorous standards set by both the EU Pharmacopeia and US Pharmacopeia, making it suitable for pharmaceutical packaging.


This advancement is more than just recycling; it's about creating a circular economy for plastics. By using Loop PET resin, companies can shift towards more environmentally responsible packaging solutions. This method not only recycles waste but also significantly cuts greenhouse gas emissions. It's estimated that using Loop PET resin could save up to 360,000 tons of CO2 annually compared to traditional PET production from fossil fuels. This eco-friendly initiative represents a major step forward in reducing the pharmaceutical industry's environmental footprint.


Bormioli Pharma and Loop Industries have been collaborating for over a year to bring sustainable solutions to the global pharmaceutical sector. Their joint efforts have led to a significant breakthrough: Loop PET resin, a 100% recycled plastic suitable for pharmaceutical packaging. Bormioli Pharma rigorously tested this resin, including comprehensive analyses by independent third parties to assess extractables levels under various conditions, even in worst-case scenarios. The outcome? The bottles made from Loop PET resin set a new standard in the industry, showing no release of substances of toxicological concern.


Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma, expressed pride in the collaboration, emphasizing the shared commitment to quality and reliability with Loop Industries. This partnership has resulted in a novel, eco-friendly packaging solution that surpasses the safety standards of traditional materials.


Daniel Solomita, Founder and CEO of Loop Industries, also shared his enthusiasm. He highlighted that the collaboration has led to an innovative packaging solution made entirely from high-quality, recycled Loop PET resin. This development not only offers a responsible alternative but also aims to redefine sustainable packaging standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

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