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Siegwerk and Borouge Team Up to Innovate 100% Recyclable Packaging Solutions


Siegwerk, a leading supplier of printing inks and coatings for packaging and labels, has teamed up with Borouge, a top innovator in polyolefin solutions, to create fully recyclable mono-material solutions. This collaboration aims to advance packaging designs that support a circular economy. Their partnership focuses on developing a series of solutions that will allow converters across the globe to manufacture advanced mono-material packaging. This initiative responds to the increasing market demand for sustainable packaging options.


Dr. Stephane Bertaux, who leads Brand Owner Collaboration and Circular Economy at Siegwerk Thailand, points out that the majority of flexible packaging is made from mixed materials, making it difficult to recycle using standard methods. He emphasizes that shifting to mono-material packaging is crucial to simplify the recycling process and improve overall circularity.


Transitioning to mono-material structures, however, presents various challenges, including maintaining reliable sealability, mechanical strength, thermal stability, and achieving specific barrier properties tailored to different applications. Anton Wolfsberger, Vice President of Global Marketing, Packaging and Circular Economy at Borouge Pte Ltd, explains that utilizing Borouge’s high-performance polyethylene alongside cutting-edge ink and coating technologies can help overcome these hurdles. This innovative approach to collaboration within the industry aims to enhance sustainability and circularity. By enabling the upcycling of materials through mechanical recycling, this strategy produces high-quality recyclates, which can help increase circularity and reduce the carbon footprint compared to traditional multi-material packaging that often ends up incinerated.


One of the initial joint projects from Siegwerk and Borouge involves creating a barrier stand-up pouch. This uses Borouge's advanced HDPE FB5600 based on Borealis Borstar® technology, alongside Siegwerk's oxygen barrier coating, CIRKIT OxyBar BC1582, and its CIRKIT Clearprime primer for easier deinking of laminates. Dr. Stephane Bertaux explains that this combination enables the removal of all inks and coatings from the printed film during recycling, leading to high-quality recycled polyethylene that can be reused in new packaging.


Furthermore, Siegwerk and Borouge are working with select converters globally to develop high barrier mono-material packaging. This packaging technology integrates coatings that effectively control oxygen (Oxygen Transmission Rate OTR < 1 cc/m^2.day) and moisture (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate MVTR < 1 cc/m^2.day), meeting high-performance standards necessary for various packaging applications.


Both Siegwerk and Borouge are dedicated to fostering sustainable and innovative packaging solutions by promoting the use of mono-material structures, which can replace the more challenging-to-recycle multi-material packaging. Borouge provides an extensive selection of virgin polyolefins, like polyethylene and polypropylene, designed with recyclability in mind. Siegwerk complements this with its range of advanced inks and coatings, which enhance the recyclability of plastic packaging while maintaining necessary performance and efficiency.


By combining their expertise, these two companies are emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts across the packaging supply chain. This cooperation aims to create effective solutions that contribute significantly to advancing the shift towards a Circular Economy, showcasing a model for industry-wide collaboration towards greater sustainability.


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