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Starbucks Encourages Reusable Cups to Tackle Waste


Are you one of those who start their day with a home-brewed coffee in a personal mug, only to later find yourself with a disposable cup from your coffee run? It's a common scenario: your favorite mug left unused in the car, while the single-use cup contributes to landfill waste. Starbucks recognizes this issue and is stepping up to address it.


In a significant sustainability move, Starbucks now allows customers at all its company-operated and participating licensed stores in the U.S. and Canada to bring their clean personal cups. This option is available whether you’re ordering in-store, at the drive-through, or via the Starbucks app. Given that most Starbucks beverages are consumed on-the-go, this initiative presents a significant opportunity for consumers to opt for reusable packaging, aligning with Starbucks' goal to cut waste by 50% by 2030.


Starbucks Encourages Reusable Cups to Tackle Waste


Michael Kobori, Starbucks' Chief Sustainability Officer, expresses the company's vision for a future where every beverage is served in a reusable cup. This new policy is a step towards that goal, offering customers a practical way to contribute to sustainability efforts, regardless of their ordering method. Kobori emphasizes the role of customers in joining Starbucks in its commitment to environmental responsibility.


Starbucks is not just encouraging the use of personal cups to reduce waste; they're actively incentivizing it. Customers who visit participating stores in the U.S. and Canada and bring their own clean cup will not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also enjoy tangible rewards. In the U.S., besides a $0.10 discount on their beverage, Starbucks Rewards members can earn an additional 25 Bonus Stars in the company's loyalty program.


This initiative positions Starbucks as a leader in promoting reusable packaging in the coffee industry. In the United States, they are the first national coffeehouse chain to allow customers to use personal cups for mobile orders. Similarly, in Canada, they lead the way by offering this option for all drink types and sizes through mobile ordering.


This move is part of a broader cultural shift led by Starbucks, aiming to transition away from single-use packaging, particularly plastic, and make it convenient for consumers to choose reusable options on every visit. By offering both financial and reward-based incentives, Starbucks is making a significant push to encourage more customers to embrace this eco-friendly practice.

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