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Tide's Innovative Detergent Tiles Replace Plastic Packaging


Procter & Gamble's Tide has introduced a revolutionary product, the Tide evo, a square, multi-layered “tile” of dense, woven detergent. This innovative design, made from thin, flexible fibers, stems from detailed consumer feedback and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.


Sundar Raman, CEO of P&G Fabric & Home Care, emphasized that Tide evo is the result of over ten years of rigorous research and marks a significant breakthrough in the realms of cleanliness and efficiency in everyday life.


In response to growing consumer demands for more convenient solutions, P&G developed the Tide evo tiles. These tiles are not only more compact and easier to use than traditional detergents but also support eco-friendly practices by reducing the necessity for plastic packaging. The detergent tiles, which are crafted from numerous tiny fibers, efficiently encapsulate soap and dissolve instantly in water, thereby eliminating the use of extra liquid and fillers.


Cutting-Edge Packaging for User Convenience


The Tide evo fiber tiles, each approximately 3.5 x 3.5 inches, are neatly packed in a hinged-lid paperboard carton, sized at 3.5 inches wide by 5.7 inches deep by 7.1 inches long. Positioned upright on shelves, the carton opens on the right side after a perforated strip is removed. It features a click tab that not only facilitates easy access to the tiles but also securely recloses the package.


Internally, the carton contains specially designed trays with a central partition that divides the tiles into two stacks. These trays bolster the structural integrity of the carton, ensuring it retains its shape from production to end-user, and keeps the tiles perfectly aligned. Marcello Puddu, senior director of Fabric Care Research & Development at P&G, notes that these trays are crucial for maintaining both the product's condition and the carton’s form throughout its journey.


Marcello Puddu explains that the Tide evo cartons start as die-cut 2D blanks which are then partially assembled by a supplier. This method allows for the cartons to be fully constructed and loaded with Tide evo tiles simultaneously, enhancing the efficiency of the production process.


The inside of each carton lid includes usage instructions and a QR code for additional information, catering to user convenience. The carton itself is printed using a standard offset technique by a specialized supplier and showcases Tide's signature blue and orange colors.


To ensure the carton's robustness, it undergoes comprehensive testing against a variety of environmental stresses, such as shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature fluctuations, affirming its durability from production through to disposal.


Puddu adds, “The carton's design effectively prevents moisture penetration, safeguarding the product's integrity throughout its lifecycle.”


Eco-Friendly Packaging


Aligned with its commitment to sustainability, the fiber tiles are crafted to be sturdy, eliminating the necessity for extra plastic wrapping, like shrink-wrap around the paperboard. The Tide evo packaging not only reduces material use but also employs 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified and fully recyclable paperboard for both the carton and the tray.


To further promote environmental responsibility, the packaging features a How2Recycle label, which provides straightforward recycling instructions, complemented by a plea to consumers: "Please Recycle Me." This approach is part of a broader strategy to educate and motivate consumers to recycle the packaging effectively.


"During our product development journey, we had the pleasure of spending time with people who have told us they loved experiencing a 'Tide clean' in a new way," says Puddu. "They fell in love with the convenience of a lightweight, waterless form in recyclable paper packaging. Their feedback makes us believe there are untapped ways to evolve this application beyond what we can imagine today. That’s why we're excited about the opportunity to continue learning alongside consumers as we expand the product’s availability.”


P&G introduced Tide evo to retailers in Colorado in April and has plans to broaden its distribution across the nation later this year. The product is available in various sizes including 16-, 22-, 30-, and 44-count packs, and comes in two fragrances: Original and Spring Blast.


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