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Top 8 Packaging Design Treads for 2023


As we move through 2023, fresh and bold packaging design trends are making waves. These trends can grab attention, but that doesn't always mean they boost sales.


It's important for businesses to understand these trends. They can impact how customers make buying decisions and help a product stand out. But instead of blindly following these trends, businesses should think about how to use them wisely during the product design phase.


For this year, we've identified the top 8 packaging design trends. We'll offer insights on how businesses can use these trends effectively.


Using trendy and practical elements in balance can help a brand shine. For example, trends like minimal designs or bold typography can match a brand's look. Also, using eco-friendly packaging, a key trend, could appeal to the 68% of customers who prefer environmentally friendly products.


Join us as we explore the 2023 packaging trends. We aim to help businesses use these trends to boost their brand visibility and turn their products from just another item on the shelf into the most sought-after choice.


Top 8 Packaging Design Treads for 2023

1. Maximalist Designs


As we venture into 2023, a select group of bold brands are choosing to reject minimalism, embracing instead the bold vibrancy of maximalism. This recent trend in product packaging design counters the "less is more" ideology, celebrating the flamboyant and the extravagant.


Maximalist designs, marked by an array of vibrant hues, intricate flourishes, and contrasting patterns, present a visual feast that captivates consumers. In product categories where minimalist design is the norm, these maximalist packages emerge as remarkably unique.


Take the example of brands like Star Union Spirits, which daringly saturate their packaging with lively patterns, audacious typography, and vivid colors. While such boldness may not always be the safest path, it's often these daring choices that create a lasting impact in consumers' minds.


Maximalist Designs

2. Transparent Packaging


In the thrilling design milieu of 2023, rising consumer curiosity is fueling an increase in the use of transparent packaging. A design trend that confidently discloses what lies within, transparent packaging gives consumers a tantalizing sneak peek into the very essence of their purchases, fostering a robust bond of trust. This openness is making a substantial impact across markets, most notably in the beauty and cosmetics industry where consumers are becoming increasingly aware of product ingredients.


However, the decision to adopt transparent packaging is not a simple one. It demands a fine balancing act between ensuring product visibility and reserving adequate space for sharing the brand's story. Though it's a fine line to tread, when navigated with finesse, it can produce a compelling packaging design that resonates deeply with your customers.


Transparent packaging showcases the product's authenticity, providing consumers with a clear view of their purchase. When paired with an effective label that succinctly communicates the brand's message, it forms an enticing offering that customers find hard to resist.


Transparent Packaging

3. Textured Packaging


On the ever-evolving stage of 2023 packaging design trends, textured packaging emerges as a unique, albeit relatively underutilized novelty. Labeling this as a trend might seem counterintuitive given its limited adoption, but the challenge often originates from the associated costs and complexities in supply chain management. Whether it's intricate raised typography or detailed surface patterns, each tactile feature adds to the cost and could disrupt a streamlined supply chain.


Despite these obstacles, textured packaging possesses a distinct charm. Both major brands and smaller enterprises might hesitate due to resource limitations, but with strategic planning and effective cross-functional communication, the investment could yield considerable returns.


The appeal of textured packaging lies in its ability to captivate consumers at the pivotal moment of decision-making, initiating a dialogue that extends beyond mere visual appeal. It transforms the package into a tactile experience that boosts customer engagement, thereby potentially driving up the rate of shelf conversions.


Textured Packaging

4. Ecstatic Colors Packaging


Emerging as a trendsetter in the 2023 packaging design scene, ecstatic colors are bold, arresting, and visually engaging. They bring forth a vibrant display of intense hues that go beyond merely catching the eye. This trend represents a high-energy visual performance, designed to electrify consumer interest and engagement. The signature style? A surprising mix of contrasting colors command attention, enabling the product to stand out amidst a sea of retail products.


But the allure of ecstatic colors extends beyond just vibrant shades. The trend also champions imaginative patterns and graphics that mirror the exuberance of its color palette. These can span from contemporary abstract shapes to whimsical illustrations, each contributing to the overall vibrancy of the packaging.


As this trend gains momentum, it's evolving from a mere design choice into a potent branding statement. Ecstatic colors provide an avenue for brands to distinguish themselves, engage their target audience, and create a lasting impact on consumers. By leveraging these powerful color palettes, brands are not just packaging their products; they're packaging emotion, energy, and excitement.


Ecstatic Colors Packaging

5. Cartoon-style Packaging


Making its way into the 2023 trend highlights, cartoon-style packaging design showcases a delightful blend of playfulness and whimsy. Marked by bold colors and exaggerated imagery, these cartoon-inspired designs inject a dose of fun and lightheartedness into the product packaging, enabling distinct differentiation on the bustling retail shelves.


A key strength of this trend lies in its adaptability. Brands spanning a diverse range, from snack foods to personal care products, can effectively deploy cartoon-style design, making it an adaptable choice across varied markets. Moreover, these designs evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding consumers of their childhood, fostering a deep emotional bond between the brand and its clientele.


Cartoon-style packaging extends beyond being a mere trend; it presents a potent tool for brands aiming to create memorable packaging that resonates with a vast consumer base. The integration of such vibrant, illustrative designs triggers emotional responses and enhances brand loyalty, extending the impact beyond the visual sphere.


Cartoon-style Packaging

6. Sticker Book Aesthetics Packaging


The Sticker Book Aesthetics trend welcomes consumers into a realm brimming with vibrancy and excitement. This approach to packaging design captivates consumers with its eye-catching combination of radiant colors and animated illustrations while fostering a sense of connection by invoking feelings of nostalgia and childhood simplicity. It's a subtle beckoning to consumers of all ages, urging them to rediscover the joy and wonder associated with their once-beloved sticker books.


This unconventional yet visually striking trend presents an opportunity for brands to think outside the box. It appeals to the consumers' inner child while providing an enticing preview of the product enclosed. The eccentric and engaging elements, complemented by strategic color play, contribute to a packaging design that is not only hard to overlook but even harder to resist.


Sticker Book Aesthetics Packaging

7. Packaging with Patterns


Diving deeper into the fascinating realm of Pattern Packaging, the allure lies in its ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. By implementing strategic repetitive patterns, an ordinary package metamorphosizes into a captivating array of depth, texture, and motion. This design strategy effectively commands attention on retail shelves and leaves an enduring imprint on customers' minds.


The inherent charm of Packaging with Patterns extends its reach across various product categories, from gourmet offerings to sophisticated skincare lines. The beauty industry, in particular, has warmly embraced this trend, crafting visually appealing packages that establish a new benchmark for uniqueness and attractiveness.


An essential feature of Packaging with Patterns is its capability to create a coherent narrative across multiple products within a brand's line. The power of a consistent pattern or texture is substantial, as it fortifies brand identity and augments recognition. It is a trend that elegantly combines aesthetics, versatility, and brand resonance.


Packaging with Patterns

8. Eco-friendly Packaging


The year 2023 highlights a trend that is not merely a nod towards aesthetics but an urgent necessity in the current environmental scenario: Eco-friendly Packaging. Recognizing the escalating concerns about sustainability and waste reduction, brands are progressively adopting environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. The trend has significant traction, with approximately 68% of customers more inclined towards products with eco-conscious packaging.


Eco-friendly Packaging is not restricted to the use of recyclable materials but also emphasizes minimizing packaging waste overall. It encompasses utilizing biodegradable materials, reducing package size, and integrating design elements that communicate the brand's commitment to the environment. The implications are twofold: it resonates with environmentally-conscious customers and simultaneously amplifies a brand's corporate social responsibility image.


The challenge for brands lies in balancing the eco-friendly aspect with functional and aesthetic requirements. It requires a delicate balance between design, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Despite these complexities, the Eco-friendly Packaging trend is paving the way for a sustainable future, encouraging brands to redefine their packaging strategies and align with global sustainability goals.


Eco-friendly Packaging

As we wrap up our look at 2023 packaging design trends, it's clear that it's a lively and varied field. There's a whole range of trends on offer, from bold maximalist designs to clear, honest transparent packaging, from touchable textures to bright, eye-catching colors. All these trends offer great ways for businesses to connect with customers and make their brands more memorable.


There are playful trends like cartoon-style design and sticker book aesthetics, and more orderly trends like pattern packaging. Then there's eco-friendly packaging, a trend focused on sustainability. Each of these trends gives businesses a chance to tell a memorable story with their packaging.


But the key to using these trends well is balance. It's not just about following trends; it's about choosing trends that fit the brand. By picking the right trends, businesses can create packaging designs that not only stand out on the shelves but also truly speak to customers. Here's to turning products from just another item on the shelf into customers' number one choice in 2023!

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