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Stylish Empty Paper Lipstick Tube Packaging With Lining Oil Paper

Embrace the future of sustainable packaging with our Biodegradable Lipstick Paper Tube. Its eco-friendly materials and customizable design make it the perfect choice for conscious brands looking to elevate their products while reducing their ecological footprint. Whether you're in the cosmetics industry or herbal products market, our biodegradable lipstick tubes deliver both elegance and environmental responsibility.


Experience elegance with our Fine Lipstick Case. Various sizes, colors and printing options allow for more personalization options for your products, creating a unique packaging solution. Versatile and eco-friendly, these lipstick cases enhance your products while reflecting your brand values.  

Beautifully Crafted for a Unique Look

Our 12.1mm/12.7mm fine lipstick cases are the epitome of elegance and personalization. Precisely crafted with attention to detail, these lipstick cases are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized with your desired color, whether it's classic CMYK or a specific Panton color tone. The high-quality materials used include coated paper, kraft paper, specialty paper, cardboard (white/grey core) and wax to ensure a luxurious and delicate look that complements your brand's image.