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Wholesale Compostable Underwear Tube Packaging With Gold Stamping Logo



Elevate your brand with Dobbpking's Customized Eco-friendly T-Shirt Paper Packaging Tube - Model DO20-250g. Tailor-made in size, color (CMYK/ Panton), and logo, and boasting exquisite printing styles like Glossy Lamination and Gold Foil. Made from premium materials including Special Paper and Cardboard. Trust in our OEM/ODM services.

Superior Presentation and Protection

At Dobbpking, we take pride in offering premium t-shirt packaging tubes that combine functionality, sustainability, and style. Our customizable tubes are meticulously crafted from a range of high-quality materials such as coated paper, kraft paper, special paper, and cardboard with white or grey core. The use of eco-friendly materials ensures that your brand is aligned with sustainable practices, while providing sturdy protection for your t-shirts during transit and storage.