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Empty Round Cardboard Cosmetics Container Powder Sifter Shallow Tube



Enhance your loose powder products' appeal with our elegant and eco-friendly cosmetic gift tube box holder. Customizable to suit various product sizes and branding requirements, these gift tubes offer a versatile and stylish packaging solution that delights customers. Partner with our ODM/OEM experts to create unique and personalized packaging that sets your products apart and reinforces your brand's identity.  

Elegant and Eco-Friendly

Introducing our luxurious and eco-conscious cosmetic gift tube box holder, crafted from high-quality recycled cardboard and kraft paper materials. This premium packaging solution is designed to elevate the presentation of loose powder products, such as bath salts, keratin powder, shampoo powder, and bath powder. With its exquisite CMYK color printing, pantone, or custom color options, you can create a gift tube that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. The embossing, glossy lamination, gold foil, matt lamination, stamping, and UV coating finishing options add a touch of sophistication and luxury to the overall packaging.