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Color And silver Shiny Empty Lipstick Tubes Container



Embrace sustainability and elevate your brand presence with our Eco-Friendly Chapstick Tubes. Crafted from eco-conscious materials and offering customizable designs, these tubes are not only suitable for lip balms but also cater to various lip care products. As the beauty and cosmetics industry lean towards greener alternatives, our cardboard tube packaging stands as a testament to your brand's commitment to a better, more sustainable future.  

Eco-friendly Materials for Gold Lip Care Packaging

Our Eco-Friendly Chapstick Tubes are the epitome of sustainable lip care packaging. Crafted with eco-conscious materials such as Coated Paper, Kraft Paper, Special Paper, Cardboard (white/grey core), and Wax, these tubes ensure a reduced environmental impact without compromising on quality. With options for 12.1mm or 12.7mm sizes, or even customizable dimensions, our chapstick tubes cater to various lip balm formulations, providing the perfect fit for your products.