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Push Up Kraft Paper Lip Balm Tubes



Discover the perfect blend of sustainability and convenience with Dobbpking Kraft Paper Lip Balm Tubes. Crafted from eco-friendly materials like coated paper, kraft paper, special paper, cardboard, and wax, these tubes offer a practical and visually appealing packaging solution. You can choose the material you want.  Also customizable in size, color, and printing options, our kraft lip balm tubes allow you to elevate your brand and stand out in the cosmetics market. Versatile enough to accommodate various products, these paper lip balm tubes are designed for effortless application and hold approximately 4.3g of balm. 

015oz-2.5oz Paper Lip Balm Tubes

Push Up Design

Our Push up design on lip balm tubes allows your user to easily get the chapstic out. A snap or little push will get the work done! With a capacity from 0.3oz to 2oz, you can always find an ideal tubes for your chapstick