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100% Recycled Kraft Paper Lip Balm Tubes With Soybean Ink



Dobbpking's Recyclable Lip Balm Paper Tubes offer a blend of sustainability and creativity for your cosmetics packaging needs. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, these paper tubes provide an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic packaging. With various customization options and versatile use for various cosmetic products, these recyclable paper tubes enable you to present your brand distinctively and responsibly. Embrace these eco-friendly packaging solutions to make a positive impact on the environment and engage with consumers who value sustainability in their purchasing decisions.  

015oz-2.5oz Recyclable Lip Balm Paper Tube

Twist Up

Our tubes also have Twist-up Design. All you need to do is to Spin the bottom cap, after pouring and sliding it on, to twist up your lip balms. You can even customizethe capacity to match your product needs.