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Airtight Food Grade Packaging Paper Composite Cans For Coffee Bean

Elevate your tea and coffee packaging with Dobbpking's Food Grade Paper Tube. Our food safe packaging provides peace of mind, assuring the highest quality and safety standards. Choose our paper food packaging for a secure and hygienic solution that keeps your products fresh and protected.


Dobbpking presents the Tea Coffee Food Grade Paper Tube, a premium food-safe packaging solution for your tea and coffee products. Our food grade packaging ensures the highest level of safety and quality for your goods. With our paper food packaging, you can confidently showcase your products while maintaining their freshness and integrity. Choose Dobbpking for reliable and visually appealing food grade packaging options that meet your packaging needs.

Versatile Material Selection for Optimal Freshness

Our DO20-250g Food Grade Packaging offers a diverse selection of materials to suit your unique requirements. Whether you choose Coated Paper, Kraft Paper, Special Paper, Cardboard (White/Grey Core), Wax Paper, Aluminium-foil Paper Plastic Lid, Iron Lid, Paper Lid, or Wooden Cover, rest assured that each option maintains food safety and freshness. Our materials are carefully chosen and rigorously tested to ensure they meet food grade standards, providing a reliable barrier against moisture, odors, and contaminants.