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Craft Brands Elevate Packaging with Advanced Labeling Techniques


Craft makers are keen on distinguishing their products on store shelves through advanced labeling techniques, pushing manufacturers and suppliers to adapt to these evolving requirements. This insight comes from PMMI Business Intelligence's "2024 Craft Beer and Spirits: Success Through Packaging" study, highlighting that nearly a quarter of craft businesses surveyed are planning to invest in labeling, decorating, and coding machinery.


For many products, the label is the first thing a consumer notices, making it crucial for establishing a high-end look to attract buyers. There are three main aspects to focus on for enhancing label appeal: visual appeal, touch-related qualities, and interactive (smart) features.


Enhancing labels with visual elements


The look of a label plays a pivotal role in giving craft items a high-end vibe. Luxurious touches like glossy finishes, metallic accents from inks and foils, and the use of bold, crisp colors are key in conveying exclusivity and appeal to shoppers seeking indulgence.


For manufacturers and suppliers, it's not just about offering these aesthetic options; they must also ensure that these delicate features remain pristine through the manufacturing process and beyond, into packaging and distribution.


Historically, such premium elements were reserved for top-shelf spirits in large glass bottles. However, the demand for a luxe experience across all product types has extended this trend to every packaging form, including cans.


The industry's move towards these upscale label designs, alongside existing challenges like packaging material shortages, has heightened interest in innovative labeling solutions, such as shrink sleeves and digital printing. These methods offer craft brands the flexibility to achieve a sophisticated packaging look while mitigating risks related to specific container shortages.


As these innovative labeling and printing techniques gain traction, it's crucial for manufacturers and suppliers to stay ahead, understanding how to leverage them effectively to meet the growing demands for premiumization in craft branding and packaging.


Embracing Tactile Label Details


In addition to their visual impact, advanced labeling techniques often incorporate tactile elements to give consumers a distinctive sensory experience that's both intriguing and delightful.


Adopting a "less is more" approach is key when integrating tactile elements. The goal is to enhance the product's luxury appeal subtly without overwhelming the senses.


Innovative textures, such as a "rough" feel on matte labels or the incorporation of unique materials like leather, can significantly elevate a product's perceived value. Moreover, adding tactile details directly to the packaging, such as etched graphics or text on bottles, further distinguishes a craft brand.


For those manufacturing and supplying these solutions, it's essential to mirror the attention given to visual enhancements when it comes to tactile features. This means not only providing these textural options but also ensuring they withstand the rigors of production, packaging, and transportation without losing their distinct feel.


Engaging Consumers Through Smart Label Features


While visual and tactile elements enhance a product's luxurious appeal, integrating smart features into labels brings a functional edge to premium offerings.


These advanced functionalities, including QR codes and RFID tags, transform traditional labels into interactive portals. By incorporating such features, craft brands can connect consumers with exclusive content, enriching the buying experience and reinforcing the product's premium status.


Choosing the right content to share and the method of engagement is crucial and varies significantly based on each brand's unique identity and objectives. The key for brands is ensuring the shared information is pertinent, captivating, and aligns with the brand's image, ultimately supporting the luxury experience they aim to provide.


SOURCE: PMMI Business Intelligence – 2024 Craft Beer and Spirits: Success Through Packaging

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