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Mass-Production Printing Solution


HP Inc. recently introduced the HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) 108mm Bulk Printing Solution, a cutting-edge expansion of its TIJ 4.0 technology. This new printhead stands out for its fast printing capabilities, high-quality resolution, and the ability to print from up to 10 mm away, eliminating the need for stitching in wide-format, high-volume printing tasks.


Philippe Lesage, HP's VP and General Manager of Specialty Printing & Technology Solutions, highlighted the company's commitment to advancing TIJ technology. "Our continuous investment in research and development for TIJ technology aims to bring significant improvements in efficiency, quality of output, and simplicity for our users. We're thrilled to expand our TIJ offerings, helping our customers to efficiently tackle the complexities of modern packaging needs," Lesage stated.


This advanced solution is designed to support a variety of applications, including secondary coding, late-stage packaging, broad mail addressing, and unique packaging demands. With the HP TIJ 108mm Solution, users can print larger barcodes and text, either vertically or horizontally, maintaining top-notch quality and readability at impressive speeds. The printhead's internal pressure regulation adds versatility to the design, allowing for customizable ink delivery system placement.


Moreover, the HP Smart Servicing Solution ensures that the printhead delivers consistently sharp and clean prints, thanks to a unique micro recirculation technology that keeps ink fresh at the nozzle—even if the printhead is left uncovered for up to 48 hours. This feature not only maintains print quality but also reduces the need for frequent maintenance, addressing common issues related to ink drying.


The system enhances efficiency by supporting dual bulk supply systems with automatic switching, ensuring seamless operation by automatically replacing depleted supplies. This feature simplifies operations and minimizes the need for specialized labor, enabling continuous production. With low replacement costs and economical bulk cartridges, the ownership cost remains competitive.


Pat Harnett, HP's Director of Portfolio Strategy & Development, highlights the design's impact on OEMs. "The HP 108mm Printhead reduces design and market launch times, offering an easy integration process through our simplified kit," he said. Replacing the printhead and ink cartridge is quick and doesn't require specialized training, reducing downtime and supporting ongoing printing efforts, which is crucial in offsetting rising costs.


These innovations not only streamline production but also promote sustainability by reducing reliance on traditional labeling, making recycling easier and supporting more sustainable packaging practices. This approach offers cost savings and enhances productivity, paving the way for future advancements.

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