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Eco-Friendly Packaging Innovations


Sappi, a leading packaging paper manufacturer, is enhancing its range with the introduction of Seal Light Gloss and Guard MH, expanding its already impressive lineup of functional papers. These papers are engineered with special barriers to effectively block oxygen, grease, water vapor, mineral oils, and aromas. Additionally, they possess heat-sealing capabilities.


Tailored to Meet Specific Needs


The new additions to Sappi's portfolio are designed to cater more precisely to individual product requirements. Created from sustainable raw materials, these packaging options are a recyclable alternative to traditional, fossil-based packaging materials. By choosing these papers, businesses can significantly reduce their reliance on plastics, contributing to long-term environmental sustainability.


Introducing Seal Light Gloss and Guard MH by Sappi


Seal Light Gloss: An Innovative Solution for Simple Packaging Needs


Seal Light Gloss, a one-side coated paper by Sappi, is revolutionizing packaging with its exceptional heat-sealing ability, made possible by a special coating on its reverse side. Available in two weights, 54g/m² and 74g/m², this paper stands out for its lack of barrier properties, allowing it to be effortlessly recycled with standard paper waste. Its primary aim is to cut down the use of plastics in secondary packaging, like that used for confectionery, or in primary packaging for items that don't require a barrier. This paper is perfect for both food and non-food flexible packaging, offering a natural appearance and a tactile feel. Its glossy surface enhances print quality, ensuring products stand out on shelves.


Guard MH: A Versatile Barrier Paper


Guard MH, another sustainable innovation from Sappi, serves a variety of purposes in the food and non-food sectors. This barrier paper is recyclable and comes in Natural, Silk, and Gloss finishes. Both the uncoated Natural and the coated Silk and Gloss versions feature barriers against water vapor, mineral oil, and grease. Available in multiple weights, Guard MH caters to diverse packaging needs.


Sappi’s Commitment to Sustainability


René Köhler, Director of Paper & Packaging Solutions at Sappi Europe, emphasizes the company's dedication to sustainability. He highlights that these new functional papers are a part of Sappi's initiative to offer recyclable, paper-based alternatives to traditional, non-recyclable packaging solutions, supporting customers in their eco-friendly endeavors.

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