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Paper Cushion System


Storopack introduces the innovative PAPERplus Shooter³, a paper cushion system designed to enhance packaging efficiency. Boasting an impressive processing speed of 525 feet per minute, this machine is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, speeding up by an additional 66 feet per minute. Crafted from recycled paper, these cushions are perfect for filling empty spaces in boxes, ensuring the safety of shipped items.


Compact and User-Friendly


The PAPERplus Shooter³ stands out for its compact design and ease of use. Available in both standalone and tabletop models, it effortlessly fits into various production setups.


Versatile Operation Modes


With the PAPERplus Shooter³, creating paper cushions at the exact length needed right at the packing station becomes a breeze. These cushions help maintain the integrity of the items by filling up voids inside the boxes. The machine's three modes of operation - automatic, manual, and on-demand - offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into different packaging workflows. Its adjustable height, 40-degree swiveling head, and integrated cutter for precise length make the freestanding model ergonomically efficient.


Low Maintenance, High Efficiency


Not only does the PAPERplus Shooter³ enable rapid cushion production, but it also boasts low maintenance requirements. This aspect ensures that businesses can rely on a consistent and hassle-free packaging process, making Storopack's system a smart investment for efficient and secure packaging solutions.

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