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Eco-Friendly Packaging Innovations: Chanel's PCR Mascara, Tesco's Recycled Paper Goods, and Dulux's Sustainable Paint Pails


ThePackHub's Innovation Zone frequently highlights recycling efforts as the leading trend in packaging innovation. This surge in popularity is mainly due to initiatives focused on incorporating recycled materials from both post-industrial and post-consumer sources. Businesses are actively cutting down on new, unused materials in their packaging by opting for recycled alternatives. This shift towards sustainability is not just limited to plastic; it encompasses a range of recyclable materials like aluminum and paper, showcasing the diverse application of recycling practices in modern packaging solutions.


Chanel Launches Eco-Friendly Mascara Packaging


In a pioneering move towards sustainable luxury cosmetics, Chanel has revealed an environmentally friendly packaging option for its 'Le Volume' mascara series. This innovation is the result of a partnership with German aluminum manufacturer Constellium and French luxury packaging expert g.pivaudran, renowned for its 70 years of experience in creating aluminum packaging solutions for the beauty and spirits markets. Announced in February 2024, this new packaging strategy incorporates 10% to 20% post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminum across various models. This collaborative effort is set to overcome the technical challenges of deep stamping processes while ensuring the packaging remains visually appealing with either a smooth or brushed finish after anodization. Constellium's role is critical in this partnership, as it specializes in crafting unique aluminum surfaces and alloys at its Singen facility, guaranteeing that the end product not only adheres to Chanel's strict quality standards but also leads the way in sustainable packaging solutions for luxury cosmetics.


Tesco's Innovative Step: Turning Recycled Boxes into High-Quality Paper Goods


Tesco, a leading supermarket in the UK, in partnership with the German supplier WEPA, has developed an innovative recycling technique that turns used corrugated boxes into high-end toilet paper and kitchen rolls. This initiative is a leap towards environmental sustainability. By repurposing thousands of metric tons of corrugated board from deliveries and store packaging, they blend it with recycled paper and water to form a new pulp. This pulp undergoes a purification process to extract clean fibers ideal for papermaking, significantly reducing the use of water, chemicals, and energy. The resulting products are unbleached, displaying a unique beige shade, and do not compromise on quality, softness, or absorbency, offering a greener option for consumers. As a pioneering move in the UK retail sector, Tesco has introduced three eco-friendly products under its brand, currently available in 100 Tesco Extra stores nationwide, with ambitions for a wider distribution.


Dulux Launches Eco-Friendly Paint Packaging in Australia with Pact Group Collaboration


Dulux, in a pioneering partnership with Pact Group, has unveiled a new eco-conscious packaging solution for its EnviroO2 range in Australia, introducing the country's first major paint brand to use pails made from 50% recycled Polypropylene (rPP). This innovative packaging strategy employs a mix of locally obtained post-industrial and post-consumer resin, repurposing materials from used ice cream, yoghurt, margarine, and takeaway containers. By shifting to 50% recycled materials, Dulux is set to repurpose around 64 metric tons of plastic each year, steering clear of landfill. The initiative currently achieves a 50% blend of recycled content, with ambitions to increase this to 70% in collaboration with Pact. A life cycle assessment showcases the positive environmental impact, highlighting a potential reduction of 71 metric tons in CO2 emissions, a water saving of 2.16 million liters, and a decrease of 5.2 metric tons in solid waste annually. The EnviroO2 line holds a Global Greentag certification to GreenRate Level A, aiding in the accreditation of Green Star and WELL projects, along with achieving a HealthRate PlatinumHEALTH standard. Dulux's commitment to sustainability extends through its participation in the Paintback scheme, encouraging the recycling and repurposing of unwanted paint and packaging, thus promoting a circular economy in partnership with Pact Recycling and Pact Packaging.

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