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PepsiCo's Rockstar Brand Updates Packaging Design Across Entire Range


Starting 2024 with a bang, Rockstar Energy unveiled a fresh and dynamic visual identity for its entire product lineup, marking its first major update since being acquired by PepsiCo in 2020. This transformation reflects the brand's journey over the last four years into a more vibrant, lively, and invigorating design. This latest update showcases Rockstar’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve, aiming to captivate a broader and more contemporary audience of energy drink enthusiasts.


This makeover coincides with Rockstar's strategic shift towards emphasizing its zero-sugar options, aligning with the brand’s “Press Play” initiative introduced last year. This platform is designed to inspire consumers to embrace their passions wholeheartedly.


Marie-Therese Cassidy, PepsiCo Europe's VP of Design, explains, “This refresh enhances our brand positioning, making every aspect of our visual identity align with Rockstar’s forward-thinking ethos.”


Rockstar Energy's latest redesign keeps its iconic star logo but shifts towards a simpler, more universally appealing aesthetic. This strategic move aims to appeal to a wider and more modern audience of energy drink lovers.


“Our revamped visual identity focuses on making Rockstar stand out by breaking away from the conventional energy drink image,” says Cassidy. “With a diverse range of flavors, including sugar-free and regular options, it was important for our new look to reflect this inclusivity and broad appeal.”


While the redesign introduces a new direction, the brand preserved key elements integral to its identity. “The gold star remains a staple in our design,” Cassidy remarks. “Although we've tweaked its size and placement, the iconic shape and color are untouched.”


In the updated design, the star logo finds a new home at the center of the can, offering a unified visual entry point across Rockstar's extensive flavor variety, emphasizing the brand's commitment to diversity and inclusion in its offerings.


Cassidy highlights the strategic shift towards a single, central logo as a deliberate move to foster unity among the product line and enhance brand recognition. "Positioning the star at the center of every can acts as a unifying symbol for our diverse offerings, elevating our brand identity," she explains.


In the past, Rockstar used distinct wordmarks to differentiate between flavor categories like the Juiced or Refresh families. This approach has been streamlined. "While our previous strategy helped us address the growing demand for functional beverages, we recognize the need to evolve with our increasingly diverse and contemporary consumer base. Our updated visual identity emphasizes simplicity and uniformity across all products," Cassidy notes.


Furthermore, details about flavors and features, such as "Sour Apple" or "Zero Sugar," are now presented in a smaller font size at the top of the can. This change in the hierarchy of messaging allows for a greater focus on the can's visual design to convey the essence of each flavor.


Cassidy elaborates on how the redesign leverages additional space for creative expression: "The expanded canvas around our central star opens up a realm of possibilities for showcasing the vibrancy and variety of our flavors. Depending on the variant, you might find illustrations of lush fruits, vivid, colorful designs, or minimalist motifs in traditional Rockstar hues, each telling a unique story of flavor and refreshment."


The redesign of Rockstar Energy aimed at enhancing how the product stands out on store shelves. By integrating the iconic gold star with the newly updated wordmark, Rockstar ensures that both key elements catch the shopper's eye simultaneously. This strategic alignment boosts brand recognition in a crowded marketplace. "We’ve streamlined our presentation to make Rockstar products easier to identify at a glance, with a unified appearance across our expansive range of over 20 flavors," Cassidy explains. While ensuring consistency in the branding elements like the star and wordmark, the design still offers the flexibility needed to highlight the distinct characteristics of each flavor.


The refreshed visual identity was first introduced in the U.K., Poland, and Germany at the beginning of January 2024, with plans to roll out the new look globally throughout the year. This update spans all international flavors of Rockstar Energy, supported by multi-touchpoint campaigns to reach consumers wherever Rockstar is sold. The initial feedback from consumers has been overwhelmingly positive.


“Our market research shows that consumers are appreciating the updated, modern aesthetic of our branding as well as the cohesive design across our entire product range,” Cassidy shares. This early positive reception underscores the success of the redesign in meeting its goals of improved navigability on shelves and a more contemporary, unified brand image.

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