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Yoplait, One Good Thing, We Bar None: Leading Eco-Packaging Innovations


The range of bio-based packaging options is growing as more consumers look for alternatives to plastic that still protect the quality of their products. Innovators in bio-based packaging are focused on developing materials that can match the protective qualities of plastic against moisture, grease, and oxygen.


Yoplait Embraces Eco-Friendly Packaging, Slashes Use by 50%


Yoplait is taking significant steps toward sustainability by swapping its plastic yogurt containers for more eco-friendly liquid cartons, cutting its packaging volume by half. These new cartons, made from 78% plant-derived materials, aim for a 50% decrease in packaging material compared to their plastic predecessors. Designed for convenience, these cartons can be collapsed to save space in recycling bins, enhancing the efficiency of waste management. Yoplait has set a goal to make all its packaging recyclable by 2025, addressing the environmental concerns associated with food packaging, which accounts for about 30% of domestic waste in France and plays a major role in polluting lands and oceans. This initiative marks a crucial step in Yoplait's commitment to sustainable practices, focusing on boosting recycling efforts and cutting down on single-use packaging.


One Good Thing Debuts Edible Packaging for Eco-Conscious Snacking


One Good Thing, a pioneering company based in the U.K. that specializes in sustainable snacks and protein bars, was inspired to act against littering during a scenic bike ride in the countryside. To combat the issue at its source, the company teamed up with experts in science and nutrition to devise a groundbreaking solution: a completely edible wrapper made primarily from beeswax. This innovation eliminates the need for traditional plastic or paper packaging, significantly cutting down on plastic pollution. Dedicated to offering delicious, eco-friendly options, One Good Thing’s products come with an edible, natural coating that serves the same protective purpose as conventional wrappers but is entirely safe to consume. Similar to an apple, these snack bars can be washed before eating, ensuring no loss in flavor or texture. With ambitions to extend their range to include various snacks and beverages, One Good Thing is at the forefront of reducing environmental harm and advancing sustainability through their edible packaging technology.


We Bar None Sets a New Standard with Compostable Packaging in Victoria


In a pioneering move, We Bar None has become the first company in Victoria, and the third across Australia, to introduce 100% compostable packaging for their health bars. Initially exploring options like baking paper and recyclable plastic pouches, the brand was driven by the urge to reduce the environmental footprint of conventional plastic packaging. Renowned for its gluten-free, vegan energy bars, We Bar None has not only made strides in sustainable packaging but also clinched partnerships with notable entities such as Zoos Victoria and the University of Melbourne. The company's journey saw a warmer reception in Ballarat compared to Melbourne, with the community there showing a strong preference for sustainable product choices. This shift towards compostable packaging is part of a larger effort to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution in waterways, a concern underscored by the findings of the CSIRO, Australia's leading scientific research organization.


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