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Low-Shrink PP: Elevating Luxury Packaging


Avient Corporation has unveiled its newest Gravi-Tech™ Density Modified Formulation grades that feature low shrinkage, presenting an innovative alternative to acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)-based materials for the luxury packaging market.


Numerous manufacturers and plastic injection molders in the packaging sector are actively seeking alternatives to ABS, motivated by new regulations such as California's Proposition 65, which targets substances like acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene, along with a recent French regulation banning styrenic materials in packaging. Although polypropylene (PP) is generally preferred in the industry, its tendency to shrink more than ABS complicates its use as a straightforward substitute in current molds.


Avient has engineered new PP-based grades that match the shrinkage rates of traditional ABS materials, enabling customers to utilize their existing ABS molds without issue. The introduction of the Gravi-Tech Density Modified Formulations 5200 MS series provides a stellar alternative for those looking to replace ABS, particularly within the luxury packaging sector. This innovation allows for the continued use of current ABS molds. Furthermore, these new grades are compatible with electroplating processes, offering a metallic appearance and feel, which is ideal for products like alcohol bottles and cosmetic caps and closures.


Matt Mitchell, Avient's Director of Global Marketing for Specialty Engineered Materials, highlighted the company's proactive stance in adapting to the ever-changing market and regulatory landscape. Avient is dedicated to innovating solutions that address the evolving challenges their customers encounter. The newly developed solutions, featuring low isotropic shrinkage and suitability for electroplating, offer a cost-effective and efficient ABS alternative for luxury packaging applications.


The Gravi-Tech 5200 MS grades, produced in Europe, are now available globally. Avient is considering expanding production to other locations in North America and Asia to meet customer demand more effectively.

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