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Hershey's Legal Trouble Over Reese's Packaging


Hershey is currently facing a class-action lawsuit due to allegations that the packaging of their Reese's Halloween-themed chocolates was misleading. The Washington Post reports that the packaging suggested the presence of decorative designs on the chocolates, which were actually absent in the product itself. The core of the issue is the inconsistency between the product's advertised appearance and its actual look when purchased.


The packaging of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin and similar products showed images like a jack-o'-lantern face, ghost features, or football laces, but the actual candies were just plain, undecorated shapes. This discrepancy led to the lawsuit, spearheaded by Cynthia Kelly, who based her purchase decision on these decorative details. The lawsuit also references YouTube videos from other consumers who felt deceived by the packaging.


Hershey's spokesperson, Todd Scott, has stated that the company does not comment on pending litigation. This case is not unique in the food industry, where disputes over packaging and advertising claims are fairly common. These incidents often result in varied outcomes, including dismissals and settlements, and highlight the importance of balancing creative marketing with honest representation of products.

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