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How to Choose the Right Printing Paper


When printing and finalizing packaging for a product, the choice of paper can greatly affect the final result of the design. Paper tubes are often finished with a variety of materials such as coated paper, kraft paper and specialty paper, each of which produces a unique printing effect. Understanding the properties of different paper types is critical to achieving the desired visual effect for your packaging. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at how to choose the right printing paper for your project. Here are several types of paper that are widely used in this field.


Copperplate Paper


Copperplate paper is popular for its ability to enhance color and add vibrancy to your designs. If you want to print something that really stands out, then coated paper is the ideal canvas for you. Copperplate paper has a smooth surface that accommodates a wide range of color designs, making it suitable for a variety of printing projects. Whether it's an intricate pattern or a bold color palette, coated paper ensures that every detail shines.


Kraft Paper


In contrast, kraft paper has its own charm that appeals to a variety of clients. Known for its natural and rustic tones, kraft paper adds a touch of rustic elegance to your packaging. While kraft paper may have some limitations, such as difficulty reproducing gradient colors, its unique texture and warmth make it a favorite among customers in the Western market. Kraft paper is more than just a choice, it's a statement - a tribute to simplicity and authenticity that resonates with certain audiences.


Specialty Paper


For those seeking exclusivity, specialty papers are the perfect choice. Specialty papers come in a variety of textures, patterns and colors that can transform your packaging into a work of art. Often used in the high-end market, specialty papers can be embellished with bronzing, embossing or debossing. These techniques, combined with the unique texture of specialty papers, elevate the overall package, exuding luxury and exclusivity.


Choosing the Right Texture


In addition to the type of paper, its texture plays a crucial role in the overall appeal of a package. Specialty papers, in particular, come in a variety of textures - from smooth glossy to rough matte. Each texture adds a unique appeal to your design and enhances the consumer's tactile experience. The combination of personalized textures and sophisticated printing techniques can significantly enhance the perceived value of a product.

Harmonizing Design and Paper Choice


When choosing paper for printing, it is important to harmonize the design with the characteristics of the paper. Copperplate paper may be well suited for bright and detailed designs, while kraft paper may be used more often for clean and environmentally friendly paper tubes. Specialty papers have luxurious textures that require design to complement and enhance their uniqueness. The synergy between design and paper selection is key to creating visually striking and cohesive packaging.




In the vibrant world of packaging, choosing the right paper for printing is an academic task. Whether it's the vibrancy of coated paper, the rusticity of kraft, or the sophistication of specialty paper, each choice brings its own character to the design. By understanding the nuances of different papers and textures, you can ensure that your packaging not only protects your product, but also reflects your brand image in the most compelling way possible.


Dobbpking understands the importance of paper selection in creating impactful packaging. With more than a decade of experience in paper tube manufacturing, we can provide a comprehensive range of customized paper tube packaging solutions based on your unique needs. Trust us to protect your product and highlight your brand image with carefully selected printed paper. Your packaging is more than just a container, it's a statement, and we'll help you create a memorable one.

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