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How To Design The Packaging Size Of Paper Tube


In the field of product packaging, the size of the paper tube is more important than you might think. Customers often worry about finding the perfect size for their products, and rightfully so. A miscalculation can result in products and paper tubes that are not the right size, or even damaged by hazards and bumps during transportation. Here is a practical guide to help you determine the ideal size for your paper tube.


A Crucial Starting Point


The inner diameter of a paper tube sets the stage for a seamless packaging experience. Too small and your product can't squeeze inside; too large and the product wobbles inside, jeopardizing safety during transport. The golden rule for sizing paper tube production is to have an inside diameter that is 1 millimeter larger than the maximum outside diameter of your product.


Imagine the feeling of a tight grip - not too tight, not too loose. This ensures just the right fit, allowing your product to slide in effortlessly without compromising its integrity. Whether it's a cup, bottle or other rigid item, this rule of thumb holds true for secure and tailored packaging solutions.


Height considerations are equally important, especially when dealing with taller items such as cups or bottles. A paper tube that is too short may leave your product susceptible to damage, while one that is too tall may result in unnecessary material usage and increased transportation costs.


It is generally recommended that the internal height of the paper tube should be 5 millimeters greater than the height of the product. This ensures the perfect balance of providing ample space for your product without using too much tube, optimizing protection and cost-effectiveness.


Imagine your product nestled snugly in a paper tube that can withstand external forces while remaining an affordable packaging solution. It's a win-win situation.

Customizing for Every Need


Not all products are created equal and they should not be packaged the same. For bulk items such as tea, coffee beans, protein powders, snacks or soft garments such as scarves, a different approach is required.


In such cases, sizing can be customized according to customer preferences and the nature of the product. Flexibility in sizing makes personalization possible, in line with individual style choices. Whether it's a fitted package for delicate fabrics or a comfortable package for gourmet food, customization is key.


Testing with free samples


Dobbpking understands the importance of packaging decisions. To allay our customers' concerns, we offer a solution: free sample testing. This allows our customers to experience for themselves the perfect fit and protection offered by our paper tubes.


We encourage our customers to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure that their chosen size is a perfect match for their product. After all, there is no better proof than first-hand experience.


Creating the perfect fit


With a wide variety of products requiring different sized molds to produce paper tubes, Dobbpking has honed its expertise over the years to guide you through this delicate process. From inside diameter to height and other dimensions, precision is the key to a packaging masterpiece.


So when you start designing your paper tube packaging dimensions, keep these simple rules in mind. Let the inside diameter embrace your product, let the height hold it firmly, and let the customization reflect the uniqueness of your product. When in doubt, take advantage of our free samples - because perfectly sized paper tubes are more than just packaging, they're a promise of protection and professionalism. Trust Dobbpking to take your product packaging to new heights.

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