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How To Make Perfect Paper Packaging


In the world of packaging, achieving perfection is an art, and Dobbpking have mastered the process for over a decade to deliver best-in-class custom tube solutions. Every customer seeks the best packaging through customization, including structure-design, perfect color presentation, and decoration such as foil printing, UV coating, embossing and convex removal.


Pantone vs. CMYK


The basic requirement for perfect packaging is high-quality printing, and two common techniques are widely used: the CMYK printing and more complex Pantone color printing. Pantone Color printing, with its precise color code, provides a standard of accuracy that surpasses traditional CMYK designs. While the cost is relatively high, the result is a visual feast that captures the essence of the product.


Attract Potential Customers


After the completion of printing, the following special processes are often used to improve the overall appeal of the product. Bronzing, for example, provides an additional layer of complexity. There are a variety of colors to choose from - white, black, green, gold, red, brown and more. As well as the choice of matte or gloss finishes, the possibilities are endless. bronzing has more tactile and visual impact and is ideal for logos, lines or text.Adding a Dimension of Luxury


Similarly, UV printing delivers a glossy effect, often used for logos or text with delicate lines. When combined with embossing, the result is a three-dimensional masterpiece that is visually and tactilely fascinating. This combination is often used for advanced gift boxes to add a touch of luxury and elegance.


Know Your Customer’s Need


In packaging, the process is not limited to printing and decorating. It is essentially about understanding and meeting the unique requirements of each customer. Dobbpking prides itself on being a leader in paper tube manufacturing and has been providing comprehensive customized paper tube packaging solutions for over a decade.


Why Choose Pantone


Pantone color printing may be a bit expensive, but it not only ensures color reproduction, it also makes the colors more vibrant and eye-catching. Finishing touches, such as bronzing and UV printing, add an extra layer of delicacy that makes packaging from ordinary to extraordinary. These techniques bring logos, lines and text to life, creating a multi-sensory experience for customers.


Fancy First Impression


In a market where first impressions are crucial, packaging is a brand ambassador. It fully reflects the care and attention given to the product. Every product is unique, and customization options are designed to showcase that uniqueness. Whether it's a subtle matte finish or a gorgeous glossy finish, Dobbpking offers a variety of options to suit different preferences.


Realize Your Personalized Ideas


Dobbpking works hand-in-hand with clients to understand their vision and transform it to a tangible, visually striking reality. In short, perfect packaging is an art that combines precision, creativity and a deep understanding of our clients' needs.


Beyond Paper Tubes


Every step of the way, from the precision of the structure-design to the accuracy of the colors to the addition of special touches, plays a vital role in creating a multi-sensory experience. At Dobbpking, paper tubes are more than just manufactured objects; they are microphones that tell a brand's story, amplifying its impact and leaving a long-lasting impression on customers.


In short, if you have personalized needs when it comes to paper packaging, Dobbpking is the right choice for you, whether it's a craftsmanship or a special manufacturing process, we can always provide the perfect solution.

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