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Innovative Moisture-Control Flexible Packaging


Aptar CSP Technologies, a key player in material science under the AptarGroup, Inc., joined forces with ProAmpac, specialists in flexible packaging and material science, to introduce the ProActive Intelligence Moisture Protect (MP-1000). This innovative technology melds Aptar CSP’s exclusive 3-Phase Activ-Polymer technology with ProAmpac’s expertise in flexible blown film technology, creating a groundbreaking, patent-pending solution for moisture-absorbing flexible packaging. Marking the beginning of a new line of active microclimate control packaging solutions, MP-1000 aims to reduce degradation risks, preserve potency, and enhance the overall performance of the product.


The 3-Phase Activ-Polymer technology by Aptar CSP is a sophisticated solution in material science, relied upon by worldwide brands for safeguarding delicate items like pharmaceuticals, probiotics, medical devices, drug delivery systems, and food. The integration of this moisture-absorbing material into a flexible film format, as seen in MP-1000, offers superior moisture protection directly within the packaging, eliminating the need for additional desiccant packets. This not only absorbs unwanted moisture within the package but also prevents external moisture from compromising the package's contents, a common issue when relying on external desiccants for moisture control.


This innovative packaging solution, MP-1000, is designed with various moisture capacities to offer tailored microclimate control for different products. It comes in either rollstock or pre-made pouch formats, boasting excellent sealing properties and compatibility with high-speed form-fill-seal machinery. This ensures a seamless integration with current packaging processes while maintaining the highest standards of product safety.


Badre Hammond, Aptar CSP Technologies' vice president of global commercial operations and general manager for the Asia-Pacific region, expressed enthusiasm about launching this novel series of active material science solutions in partnership with ProAmpac. He highlighted the collaboration's aim to revolutionize active packaging with a comprehensive, flexible, multi-layer film solution. This initiative leverages Aptar CSP's acclaimed Activ-Polymer technology to meet the industry's unaddressed needs. Hammond looks forward to further collaborations with ProAmpac to create new active materials that tackle a wide array of product stability challenges.


Hesam Tabatabaei, ProAmpac's senior vice president of global product development and innovation, shared his excitement for the debut of the Moisture Protect MP-1000. As the latest advancement in the ProActive Intelligence line, MP-1000 is praised for its superior moisture-absorbing capability, poised to set a new standard in moisture control within flexible packaging. Tabatabaei credited the successful launch to the extensive material science research and the unique partnership with Aptar CSP Technologies, marking a significant milestone in bringing cutting-edge active packaging solutions to the market.


Aptar CSP's Activ-Polymer technology stands as a reliable protector for a variety of sensitive items worldwide, including premium pharmaceuticals, diabetes testing strips, continuous glucose monitoring systems, probiotics, drug administration devices, and even medical devices and implants. This technology is tailor-made to offer comprehensive, product-specific defense in various forms. Its core strengths encompass the elimination of oxygen, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the release of fragrances or antimicrobial agents, and the reduction of the formation risk of mutagenic N-nitrosamine impurities and pharmaceutical degradation. This versatility ensures that each product is shielded precisely according to its unique needs, maintaining its integrity and efficacy.

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