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Innovative Packaging Solution for Dairy Products


Yaza, a Mediterranean food brand, has introduced its organic, low-fat labneh to the American market, offering it as an alternative to sour cream, cream cheese, and various dips such as hummus. This product is available in 12-oz portions using Greiner Packaging's K3 cups, a blend of cardboard and plastic known for its eco-friendliness.


The company emphasizes that the cup's design not only looks good on store shelves but also makes the product easy for consumers to handle and measure servings.


Karim Khalil, Yaza's founder, highlights the company's dedication to sustainability, stating that choosing Greiner's K3 cups was a deliberate move to underscore their commitment to eco-friendly practices. He points out that the packaging's sustainable features played a key role in their selection process, aligning perfectly with Yaza's goal of minimizing environmental impact.


Eco-Friendly Features of the K3 Cup


The K3 cup is an innovative packaging solution that blends paperboard with polypropylene (PP) to create a more sustainable cup. The design includes a paperboard wrap with window cut-outs for enhanced printing and personalization options. This wrap not only adds stability but also allows the cup to have thinner walls, reducing plastic use by 32.7% and decreasing the overall CO2 footprint when compared to traditional PP cups.


Greiner Packaging has developed a unique tear-off system that enables consumers to easily separate the PP cup from the paperboard wrap, facilitating efficient recycling of each material in its respective stream. The use of decoration on the paperboard alone prevents the PP cup from being contaminated with ink, making recycling more straightforward.


The cup is sealed with in-mold labeling (IML) lids, also made of PP, consistent with Greiner's previous K3 designs. This PP material acts as an effective barrier against water vapor, and when combined with multi-barrier technology and either aseptic filling or high-pressure pasteurization, it significantly extends the product's shelf life.


Designed for compatibility, the K3 cup works seamlessly with automated filling and lidding lines from leading equipment manufacturers like Bosch, Hassia, Waldner, Benhil, and Trepko, without necessitating any modifications or special adjustments. This ease of integration underscores its practicality and efficiency in production settings.


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