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Plastic Ingenuity's Journey Towards Sustainability


Plastic Ingenuity, North America's leading custom thermoforming company, has released its latest Circularity Report. This publication marks the third of its kind and showcases the significant strides made over the previous year, alongside future prospects. The company has been recognized for its achievements, including receiving a WorldStar Packaging Award and obtaining crucial environmental management certifications, solidifying its role as a prominent figure in the sustainability movement.


Dan Kuehn, the company's President and CEO, expressed that navigating the realm of sustainability presents challenges, even for the most knowledgeable and passionate individuals. However, thanks to its solid technical foundation and a culture of cooperation, Plastic Ingenuity has emerged as a dependable ally for clients and partners in the specialized field of plastic thermoforming.


In 2023, the company carried out its yearly Packaging Sustainability Stakeholder Study, observing a notable increase in environmental efforts among participants. Remarkably, all the organizations involved in the 2023 survey had established clear sustainability objectives, a significant rise from 67% in 2021, the study's inaugural year. This in-depth investigation gathers insights from experts in sustainability and packaging from various sectors, including consumer-packaged goods, retail, and healthcare. Among these experts, 76% pinpointed the use of recyclable materials for packaging as their principal sustainability target for the year.


The insights from stakeholder studies have been instrumental in guiding Plastic Ingenuity's strategic moves, leading to achievements like acquiring ISO 14001 and ISCC Plus certifications and implementing carbon emissions tracking.


Sakif Ferdous, the company's Chief Revenue Officer, emphasized the importance of leveraging stakeholder feedback to shape their actions, not just internally but also as a contribution to the wider industry's battle against plastic waste. Ferdous expressed a desire for collaboration, encouraging others to participate in their journey toward establishing a circular economy by sharing their experiences and learnings.


The 2023 study shed light on significant trends, notably the anticipated impact of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws in the U.S. and the implications of the EU's Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) for companies with global operations. These legislative measures are expected to catalyze change, pushing organizations towards achieving their sustainability goals.


"In an era where new regulations, looming deadlines, and increased consumer and retailer expectations converge, prioritizing sustainable and ethical practices is more critical than ever," Ferdous remarked. He highlighted that Plastic Ingenuity is proactively developing innovative designs and materials to meet the evolving needs of their customers, aligning with the move towards a fully circular economy.

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