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New Cheese Packaging Launch Matches Up With Opening of Recycling Plant


Swedish dairy co-op Skånemejerier has introduced a new, recyclable packaging for ICA supermarket's Hushållsost cheese, embracing the shift towards single-material designs for better recycling. This innovative packaging, made entirely of polypropylene (PP), features both the base and the lid in a mono-material format, expertly produced and printed by Mondi. Available for cheese blocks of 1 kg and 2 kg, this packaging solution ensures the cheese remains fresh and well-protected on store shelves, thanks to its excellent barrier against oxygen and moisture, alongside high resistance to punctures. Moreover, the packaging's superior print quality effectively showcases the brand and its commitment to recycling.


Ingemar Jönsson, Skånemejerier's packaging manager, highlights the extensive and productive partnership with Mondi, which began with initial tests in 2019, leading to the launch of this fully recyclable packaging by the end of 2023. Jönsson praises the efficient collaboration that allowed for the fine-tuning of materials and machinery, culminating in a packaging solution that is not only practical and visually appealing but also aligns with consumer expectations for sustainability by promoting a circular economy.


The launch of Skånemejerier's innovative cheese packaging aligns with the opening of Swedish Plastic Recycling's Site Zero, heralded as the largest used plastic sorting facility in the world. Operational since November 2023, this advanced facility processes plastic waste from Sweden and Finland, showcasing the significant strides toward sustainable waste management. The single-material design of the new cheese packaging ensures that it can be efficiently sorted and recycled at Site Zero, enhancing the push towards a circular economy.


Rickard Jansson, a Development Engineer at Swedish Plastic Recycling, expressed enthusiasm for the mono-material packaging developed by Mondi and Skånemejerier for ICA. He highlighted the advantage of using a single type of plastic over mixed materials, which simplifies the recycling process, prevents the need for incineration, and supports the creation of new products from recycled PP film—a first for Sweden. This innovation fosters circular plastic use, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing incineration rates.


This groundbreaking packaging solution has not only addressed sustainability concerns but has also gained recognition within the industry. It received the PackNorth Award in the 'Food' category this year and was honored at the Empack fair in Stockholm, Sweden, in October, underscoring its significant contribution to environmental sustainability and its role in promoting circular economy practices in the packaging sector.

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