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Rumpke and Eastman Collaborate to Enhance PET Waste Recycling Efforts


Rumpke Waste & Recycling, a leading North American recycler, and Eastman, a pioneer in molecular recycling, have joined forces to tackle the pressing issue of global plastic waste. In an initiative set to kick off later this year, Rumpke will start the collection and segregation of difficult-to-recycle and colored PET packaging, a type of waste that has largely been overlooked in current recycling efforts. They plan to supply all of this specific waste directly to Eastman, which will utilize its advanced molecular recycling technology to transform this waste into high-quality polyesters. These recycled materials will then be employed in various packaging solutions, promoting a broader adoption of a circular economy for polyesters.


Jeff Snyder, Rumpke's recycling director, highlighted the urgent challenge the world faces with plastic waste, noting a significant amount either goes uncollected or is deemed non-recyclable by standard practices. "This collaboration opens up a new avenue for recycling opaque and colored materials that, as of now, don't have a place in the recycling loop," he stated.


Colored and opaque PET packaging, commonly found in personal care, cosmetics, detergent, soap, dairy, and food products, has often missed the mark on achieving full recyclability. However, with Rumpke's commitment to cutting-edge processing techniques and Eastman's sophisticated molecular recycling technology, this partnership is poised to bring circularity to a wide array of consumer packaging. This effort not only aims to reroute these materials away from being burned or buried in landfills but also marks a significant step towards realizing a waste-free world.


This collaborative venture is a leap forward in environmental stewardship, keeping non-renewable resources untouched and paving the way for a greener tomorrow. Rumpke and Eastman are setting a precedent for the industry, showcasing the critical role that partnership plays in the journey towards genuine sustainability and circular economy practices.


Brad Lich, Eastman's Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the shared commitment of Rumpke and Eastman to innovatively tackle the issue of plastic waste through their partnership. He pointed out how this collaboration underscores the synergy between molecular and mechanical recycling methods, enhancing the circular economy by preserving more raw materials for reuse. This initiative is also aimed at helping brands achieve their sustainability objectives by increasing the use of recycled content in their products.


In a significant development, Eastman is on the brink of launching the world's largest material-to-material molecular recycling facility located in Kingsport, Tennessee. This state-of-the-art plant is expected to start distributing its inaugural products shortly, with the capacity to process 110,000 metric tons of challenging-to-recycle plastic waste each year.

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