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10 Best Tube Packaging Designs in 2023


Ever imagined packaging beyond boxes or bags?

When you hear "packaging", chances are, boxes or bags pop into your mind. It's what customers have come to expect. But this predictability is a business opportunity in disguise.

Time to get creative and ditch the usual. 

Paper Can Revolution 

Tube packaging isn't new. Remember those iconic Pringles cans? But traditional tubes weren't always shipping-friendly. As online shopping took off, shipping costs became a priority, making long tubes less appealing.

So, are tubes obsolete for today's packaging?

Far from it.

E-commerce's boom brought fresh needs and opportunities. Now, paper and cardboard tubes are a hit for coffee or tea subscription boxes and online artists showcasing their work.

Thinking of trying out paper cans for your goods? Stay with us. You'll soon discover how 15 innovative brands are transforming their products with standout tube packaging.

Who's to say?


Maybe it's time your brand jumped on the tube bandwagon.


Tubes: Ready to rock and rule!


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1. Chic Lit Candles: Elegance in Paper Tubes 


Chic Lit Candles: Elegance in Paper Tubes


Chic Lit Candles redefine how you experience candles. They're all about trend-forward, personalized candles.


Every candle they craft tells a unique tale and exudes its own character, all encased in an elegant paper tube.


Imagine walking into a store and spotting one. It's hard not to be drawn by the sleek paper packaging.


Once you pop open the tube, the delightful aroma of the candle wafts out.


Just a glance and you can almost sense their inviting fragrance!


Chic Lit Candles artfully uses the tube's round shape, adding beautiful patterns and distinct names for each creation.

And those kraft-paper labels? They're the perfect finishing touch, grabbing your attention. If you need any of these, please check our candle paper tubes here:

Dobbpking's Candle Paper Tubes


We design, manufacture and deliver paper tubes for candle at reasonable prices! 


2. Saalt Cup Packaging


2. Saalt Cup: Revolutionary Packaging for Period Care


Okay, menstrual jokes aren’t everyone's cup of tea.


But let's dive into this stunning packaging.


Saalt emerged with a vision: to empower women to manage their periods eco-friendly.


They achieved this brilliantly with their colorful reusable menstrual cups, and the decision to package them in paper tubes was genius.


It wouldn’t be a stretch to say Saalt has set a fresh benchmark for period care products.


With their eye-catching design, they've truly elevated the packaging game for their product. It's pure sophistication.


Check out our tea paper tube can 


3. Yousli: Fresh, Eco-friendly Breakfast on Your Table


Yousli: Fresh, Eco-friendly Breakfast on Your Table

Direct from Australia, Yousli promises fresh muesli, from production to your plate in mere days. Their packaging speaks volumes about their organic approach to cereal-making.


The packaging carries a vintage charm, amplified by its bold, eye-catching brand imprint. Presented like this, who could resist a nutritious muesli breakfast?


The brand "yousli" is prominently written in a playful yet sophisticated black font, with the tagline "make your day" suggesting the product's potential to kickstart your morning on a positive note. One of the most captivating elements is the smiley face on the packaging, which exudes a cheerful vibe, making it inviting for customers. The simple color palette, primarily of natural tones with the contrast of black lettering, evokes a sense of organic and wholesome goodness. The label also proudly indicates a "500g NET of feel-good food," hinting at the generous quantity and the promise of a nutritious experience.


To the backdrop, a faint graphic of a smiling cup with the words "MADE FOR YOU" reaffirms the brand's commitment to personalized care and quality. Accompanied by a wooden bowl filled with what appears to be the product itself, and a bottle of milk, it paints a picture of a wholesome breakfast waiting to be enjoyed.


If you want your brand to be impressive yet healthful like Yousli, contact us now for food paper tube containers!


4. Musee Bath Bombs


Musee Bath Bombs


Beauty items often showcase some of the most modern, chic packaging designs.


Explore Musee Bath Bombs and their enchanting eco-friendly paper can offerings. Each bath bomb variant, aimed at a specific use, is encased in a uniquely colored paper can. The soothing colors chosen for the packaging perfectly resonate with the brand's calm essence.


Our paper tubes can also be made to your body care packaging! Contact us here


5. The Good Hippie and Eco-Friendly Packaging


The Organic Appeal of The Good Hippie and Eco-Friendly Packaging


When it comes to crafting a natural brand, packaging stands out as a key factor.


Take The Good Hippie, a skilled beauty brand, which offers a collection of products that pamper both body and soul. They're all about authentic ingredients that deliver genuine results, turning your skincare ritual into a pure delight. Intriguing, right?


A glance at their packaging reveals more. Their beauty items are enticingly housed in abstract-designed tubes, adorned with watercolor touches throughout. By choosing eco-friendly materials, they cement their commitment to an authentic, earth-friendly vibe. Their design mirrors their brand ethos: serenity and care.


Tailor your paper tubes here


6. Dental Design Revolution


Dental Design Revolution

Let's be honest; dental products aren’t the frontrunners when we talk about eye-catching designs. Often, they're packed in predictable white boxes, echoing the color of our teeth.


Colgate shook things up a bit by introducing red into their design but retained white for balance.


It's amazing how innovative design can elevate everyday products like toothpaste. Suddenly, they become conversation starters.


Often, when shopping for dental care, we stick to familiar names. But a distinctive packaging might be the nudge customers need to explore new brands.


It’s these little touches that help a brand shine amongst its competitors.


7. Sophia's Special Brew 


Sophia's Special Brew


While Sophia's Tea might sound like your next favorite brand, here's a fun fact: it's not a real brand at all. Instead, it's a design concept.


But, wow, what a concept it is! The use of paper cans for its packaging is genius.


Its vibrant colors and dynamic design make it hard to look away. It's a testament to how simple packaging can create a huge impact.


Tailor your paper tubes here



8. Porky Delights


8. Porky Delights


Ever thought about using paper cans for food? Let's introduce you to Oink Oink. Yep, that's the quirky name!


They offer scrumptious pork rinds tucked inside these user-friendly paper tubes.


Each tube houses two individual packets of these crunchy delights.


Their packaging choice resonates brilliantly with their brand, ensuring they're memorable for all the right reasons.


Tailor your paper tubes here



9. Nudel Delights



Nudel Delights pasta stands out with its quirky and entertaining designs on its cylindrical container. It's not common to see bright hues and playful graphics on pasta packs, but Nudel does it right. Imagine cute illustrations of cartoon characters playfully interacting with pasta, set against vibrant backgrounds.


But it's not just about fun designs. Nudel is also committed to the environment. Their packaging is crafted from 100% recycled materials. Plus, they've started a unique program where customers can return the used packaging. This ensures that it gets recycled properly, keeping with their eco-conscious values.


Tailor your paper tubes here



10. Tea Elegance by The Seventh Duchess



The Seventh Duchess has revamped their tea packaging, opting for a chic cylindrical container with an innovative partial lid. Gone are the days of old-fashioned tin cans! This fresh look is not just eye-catching, but it also makes the teas an ideal gift or a centerpiece in upscale stores.


Functionality isn’t compromised for aesthetics. The partial lid ensures easy access while providing a delightful contrast in color. The design exudes sophistication with its elegant fonts, understated graphics, and soothing pastel shades. It's a clear nod to elegance and refinement.


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